How to improve your typing skills ?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You always wanted to type very fast, all internet users want that.I type realy fast now, and i'm satisfied with my curent level, but i bet there are users who want to improve their skill, and i find something for they, just try the following links.

All of them help you to train fast typing. So - learn typing playing games ! When you type word correctly - you get 1 score. Game speed increases after each word, or level.

Type Fast 1.0 - set of 3 games.All of them help you to train fast typing.So - learn typing playing games !You can choose any type of game from left menu:1. Drop Down - words drop from top.2. Fast Run - try to type word before man cross the field.3. Get Fly - words fly upward moving from side to side.When you type word correctly - you get 1 score.Use BackSpace to delete wrong letter.Game speed increases after each word.

Download this game : Demo Version

ICanType! is a 32-bit application with a beautiful design that allows you to improve your typing skills. This is a course in 5 exercises. You'll learn Touch Typing from 'beginner' to 'advanced' level.

Download this Trial Version (15 Days)

I stop here with examples of programs, i don't want to make you buy something.

Here i give just some examples, but the web is full of this kind of stuff .Even if that programs are only demo, and trial you can exercise a little on them and if you like them maybe purchase them.On the web are many aplications like that you only have to open - and search for "Type fast", "Learn to type fast", etc.

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