Google Earth View: King of Cars

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A & E's new show King of Cars follows the day-to-day life of 30-year-old Chop, the PT Barnum of car salesman, who owns and runs one of the most successful car dealerships in the country, Tobin Dodge near Las Vegas.

Chop is pleasently plump and full of bling, but his act is perfect for the Vegas set who often visit his dealership looking to score a Hummer or a kitted out pick up truck.

Every Saturday is like Super Bowl Sunday at Chop's shop. Potential buyers come from all over the country to try and score a deal. He motivates his employees by yelling, putting firecrackers under their chairs, and by offering cold hard cash for every car sold. Guess it is working, because according to Chop they move nearly 100 cars on a big Saturday.

While this show once and for all proves used car dealers are not nearly as hate-worthy as lawyers, we are still planning on keeping our distance from Tobin Dodge. Looking at it from high above, on Google Earth, is fine with us thank you very much.

King of Cars on Google Maps

Source : Jaunted


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