How to fry an egg on your computer

Monday, May 22, 2006

What we need first ?

Take this PC configuration for example
XP1500+ CPU
MSI K7T266 Pro-2 Raid Motherboard
720gig Hard Drives (this is a fileserv rig)
Juno P6 Case
24x Liteon CDRW
16x LG DVD
Soundblaster Platinum + Livedrive

How to test:
The tools needed are:

1 x Egg
1 x Roll of Silver Foil
1 x Brown Sauce
2 x Slices Bread
1 x Heatsink

The heatsink was important when thinking about this test, and I wanted something completely different from "The Norm".I wanted people to think "Cool, Thats er, wierd"
I think with this design I have managed that, I decided to make the heatsink out of copper coins consisting of 1p and 2p (sterling) coins.

I used the Silver Foil to make a tray

I Then clipped the Copper Heatsink onto the CPU using ThermoResin, I normally use Arctic Silver but this was just way too thin for the ridges on the coin matching the top of the CPU core.

I cracked the egg

It came out well

Now enjoy they fryed egg ... Bon Appetit

Thanks for this "tutorial" - ^Trubador^


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw this in a hk movie "Mc Dull - The Alumni". didn't think someone would actually do this.

5:23 PM  
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