Audi A8 Polished

Monday, June 05, 2006

In Dubai the mtm Audi A8 polished was the eye-catcher. The car was analysed and in many studies the enamel varnish of the aluminium car body was removed. Furthermore the car was cleaned. After that, the car body was poslihed with fine abrasive paper as well as special polishes to high gloss. The blank dress must not have any defects, because of the fact that retouching was not possible. Finaly the car was protected with special clear varnish against enivornmental impacts.

Because of the fact that it is impossible to polish plastic parts like front- and rearspoiler, mirror house, side sillboard or also fuel tank cap, they were enameled in a complex way to get a chrom effect. Finaly they were polished with clear varnish.

For the new top model of the Audi family we developed a discreet aerodynamic package for better output. The front- and rearspoiler is available in different materials like Carbon, aluminium vaporized or to enamel in the current car-color. In the
MTM A8 in Dubai interieur there are entrance strips as well as door mats with mtm logo available. A steering wheel can be ordered soon. The kingly leather accouterment can be worked over in the way you want to get a kingly ambiance in the car. The offer of interieur parts are rounded off by changed instruments scales - the speed indicator can show more than 300 km/h.

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