House moving

Thursday, July 06, 2006

When I saw for the first time this pictures I said "What ? How can this be posibile ?", but after a short research I've found that house moving is really posibile.

1.When you move you'll have the same house but another adress.
2.You can say to your friend that you can come with your house to him.


Blogger John said...

I believe one of those is a mobile home and it is not uncommon to see those moved. Moving all of the others is a bit more involved. Locally they just moved a very large steel building (indoor tennis courts) to make way for a Costco. It's probably 4-5 times as big as any of those houses. If they hadn't been able to move it about a half mile across an open field I'm sure they would've had to dismantle it for moving.

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