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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Today I was reading all kind of stuff on forums ( DigitalPoint Forum).And suddently I found the Pimp Me Famous Website, their blog and Competition.I decided to enter in this competition, and I want to WIN.

Pimp Me Famous - is a website similar to Digg, but where you can submit your embedded video for a public vote. When your video is submitted it will appear on the front page of queued videos. If the video is good our members will vote for it "Pimp it". When you have enough votes "Pimps" your video will get promoted to the front page. You have been Pimped famous! The first thing every visitor will see will be you!

More information about this competition on Pimp Me Famous Blog

Wish me luck.


Blogger gigi said...

good luck!!! :)))

7:30 PM  

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