Wrist Water Bottle

Saturday, August 12, 2006

People are more and more inovative, I found a lot of original and creative ideas, some of them are really useful.Now something that I've found really intresting is the wrist water bottle.A company called HydroSport is marketing a new water bottle that fits on your wrist.

Described as a "Wrist Water Bottle", each unit holds 5.5oz of water or sports drink, for a total of 11oz when you have one on each wrist. When fully loaded, the unique bottle weighs one-half pound, providing you with some additional exercise.

The company claims its also helps keep your body temperature cool.

At $9.99 each, they're available in a variety of colors, and even come in kids sizes.

I like this idea, and is really useful, because you go outside and you don't need a water bottle with you with these accesories.


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