Casino secrets to make you bet more

Thursday, October 05, 2006

This year I've meet some new people, and some of them were gamblers, and they showed me how they spend their time.And ofcourse I end up in casinos.After some time they get me into this world, and at first I was very addicted to gambling, untill I lost some money and stoped.Now I gamble for fun from time to time, and play poker, because poker is not just about gambling, is more that that.
Today doing my daily surfing on the internet I've found this very intresting article that explains how, and what casinos do to make people bet more and more.It’s no wonder some people don’t know when to stop.Nothing is left to chance with the decor and ambiance of a casino, where everything is designed to encourage gamblers to stay and spend. So what are the tricks ?

1) There are no windows. Gamblers have no idea whether it’s light or dark or sunny or rainy outside.

3) There’s intentionally poor navigation. They are built like mazes meaning it’s usually tough to find a way out.

11) There are players cards which get frequent gamblers free nights, food, and room upgrades.

That are some tricks made to influence gambles, if you want to know more read the article I've found today here at 37signals.


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