Peoples Really Scared by A Game

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some time ago I've posted on this blog "Best of Scare Tactics" , a hidden camera show putting unsuspecting victims into terrifying situations usually involving movie-style special effects and makeup.Today I have something related to the word "SCARE".Maybe if you surf from some time on the internet you've already found those websites that let you to play a game, that require a lot of concentration, and after a while a very ugly picture, a ghost, a zombie, something really scary appears, and the victim is 100% scared.

This method was also used with all kind of things that require attention, and after a while the scary picture + a scary sound apear.Here you have a few videos with people who played that game, and their friends video taped their reactions.Some of them are terrified.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny when it's grown adults, but the kid crying is a little disturbing to me. I don't like these faces that pop up because I have anxiety issues all by themselves. But at least I'm an adult that can handle my emotions. Doing it to a kid is a little much to me.

6:47 PM  

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