Pimp Your Bike with Wheel Leds

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Since Xzibit started his show on MTV - Pimp My Ride a new phenomenon started on streets.This PIMPING you car phenomenon started and growed bigger an bigger with every Xzibit Show.Now I see that bikers catched this new trend and why not try to pimp your bike ?

An incredible 14 bright LEDs create amazing light patterns on your bicycle wheels. This waterproof light bar attaches to the spokes of your bicycle, and cycles through 36 incredible design patterns, 5 word patterns, and riding time while the wheels are in motion! When the speed is slow, the LEDs will blink and show only a pattern of lines. When the speed increases, the LEDs cycle continuously through the various patterns in the following display sequence: WORDS -- PATTERNS -- TIME OF RIDING -- PATTERNS -- NUMBER OF ROUNDS. Patterns change every 3 seconds! The light bar will turn off automatically in approximately 3 minutes after the wheel has stopped moving. Just press the gray button on the light bar to turn on again. The light bar can be installed on either the front or back wheel of the bike. (Light bars are sold individually- buy 2 if you want one on each wheel or if you want to have the display visible from both sides.) Word patterns are adjustable so the display will not read in reverse no matter which side you install the light bar on. The light bar is approx. 7" length. Uses 3 replaceable AAA batteries. Installs easily on your bike wheel with a screwdriver.

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