Why Marijuana is Good for You ?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Today I've found a website that gives you 25 reasons to smoke marijuana, and try to convince you that marijuana is a good thing.Some of the reasons are linked to articles that prove the title.From that list I've selected the reasons that I like the most.Let's see some reasons ...
Because you would be in the company of Louis Armstrong, the Beatles, Bob Denver, Bill Clinton, George Bush (okay, never mind him), famous scientist Carl Sagan, Michael Bloomberg, Lewis Caroll, George Washington Carver, Salvador Dali, Al Gore, Steve Jobs, John kennedy, John Wayne, and George Washington.

Marijuana is less addictive than caffeine. There is no physical addiction but a slight mental addiction can develop.

Marijuana can prevent migraines.

Sex gets a whole lot better

Daily marijuana use doesn’t damage your brain.

Nobody has ever died from smoking pot.

Marijuana users report less depression


Blogger l3utterfish said...

where did u get those facts?

1:35 AM  

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