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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today I was to share with you some interesting things that I've found on the web, so let's begin.

  • Remember the movie 300 ? I've post the trailer for that movie some time ago on this blog, and since then I also saw the movie.Everybody was interested in this movie, and of course when something is very interesting all kind of materials about this appear.One of this is a new South Park episode inspired by 300. - Watch the movie here.
  • A very useful guide and lot's of advices - How to Survive A Back-Alley Knife Fight
  • A short movie that will make you think about your life - Here
  • A cool jumping game, and if you pass level 10 you can get a 20% discount at Logitech products.
  • A very addictive game, where you always must become the bigger - I've spent some time playing with this. - Play it here.
I hope you enjoyed this stuff, and don't forget ... come back and I'll do my best to provide you the most interesting things you can see on the internet. Have a great day !!!


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