A Clock for Students that Love Math

Monday, August 27, 2007

This clock would be a perfect gift for someone who love math, or as a joke for someone that is not so good at math, to exercise his math skills. Very complicated, but also interesting concept.


Blogger Minds_Alliance said...

"Very complicated"

Lol you got to be kidding me complicated!
This is easy, as soon as i saw it I understood numbers immediately didn't even have to think and people say I suck at maths.
Oh well..Wish my Computing Maths was still as simple as this ..

Btw I'm not chinese lol

10:25 AM  
Anonymous quik77 said...

looks like the logo and clock for the triple 9 society? don't know the the name all i know is the logo in the center of the clock is actually 3 9s on top of each other rotated, they are sort of like mensa, a high IQ club idiocy kind of thing

3:42 PM  

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