Amazing Tree Houses

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tree houses, treehouses, or tree forts, are buildings constructed among the branches or next to the trunk of one or more mature trees, and are raised above the ground. Tree houses can be built for recreation or permanent habitation. Generally, the term "tree fort" is used only for recreational structures and not permanent homes. A lot of kids dream to have a tree house where they can play, but this dream is not always possible especially for those who live in big cities. Anyway for those who want a collection of amazing tree houses like the one in the picture bellow you can see a great tree houses on Freshome.


Anonymous Emma said...

My granny lived in the village and I was lucky to have a tree house not such a beautiful one but still...Looking at your pictures I remember my childhood. What a wonderful time it was! But I had fallen from the tree twice. Fortunately, there were no heavy injuries.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I love tree houses, ever since I watched "The Swiss Family Robinson" when I was little. I've always wanted one, but unfortunately we have no suitable trees nearby. However a good friend of mine has a magnificent one with several connecting trees. By the way, I really enjoyed looking at some of the things you had, where do you find them all? They're a great way to spend some time and be amazed by the extraordinary things in the world

9:52 AM  

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