How to live longer ?

Friday, January 20, 2006

P.S - I hope my english is not so bad!

A day have 24 hours, an year 8760 hours.Have you ever asked yourself how mutch time do you realy do what you want durring a day ? I asked myself this question, and the results were bad.I found that durring 24 hours i realy live only a few hours (about 12-14).

I wrote this article on 08.01.2006.I think that we are in a new year and from that year already 8 days are gone.The time pass by so quickly, but let's come back to the title.Have you ever asked yourself how mutch time do you spend eating, sleeping, and doing other "time-eaters" stuff ? I studied a little my time and find out that i spend a lot of hours beeing lazy, sleeping to mutch, and i wasted a lot of time.So i decided to maximaze my time.

So until now i sleept 10 hours a night, so that 10 hours are a waste of time, because
we sleep practicaly we don't do anything, just waste time.I decided to sleep less, so i started to wake up earlyer.Now i sleep 5-6 hours, and i feel great.I have more time to do a lot of things.I started to earn 4 hours a day.4 hours just for me.

Let's make a little calculus !

4 hours x 7 days = 28 hours

What do you say ?! Sleeping only 5 or 6 hours help me earn 1 day and 4 hours to do what i want.Now i feel i live mutch more ! Think how many day's you can earn in a year, day's just for you YOU.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for writning this, I will take a serious look at my time and how I use It..! // V

12:27 PM  

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