Extra Large Google AdSense on wiseGEEK - New Format?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Extra Large Google AdSense on wiseGEEK - New Format?

Google AdWords has recently changed the size of the ad titles in Google search results, but this is the first time I’ve witnessed the big titles on a web site. wiseGEEK, which is somewhat of a search engine, somewhat of an article directory, is running some rather large Google ads in their informational page results. wiseGEEK seems to be a pretty popular site, ranked # 5,282 in Alexa and with 2 Yahoo Directory listings, plus they’re doing a lot of Google AdSense advertising to their topical page listings.

But the ads on the wiseGEEK pages are what caught my eye. Not only are the advertisements extra large, but they also do not show the target page URL, like most Google AdSense ads do. Honestly, if there was not a little “Ads by Google” link above the Google powered text ads, I would swear that these were not AdSense.

Perhaps wiseGEEK is working with Google to test some new AdSense formats, or perhaps this is not AdSense at all but really a Google AdWords search result partner in wiseGEEK. That would explain the size of the ads and wiseGEEK is a ’search engine’. But what about the target URLs?

Note: I tried some searches for FDIC in Google and not seeing similar results, so these may not be AdWords. Additionally, Maine Bank & Trust really needs to implement geo-targeting into their AdWords/AdSense campaign. I’m 9,000 miles away from Maine, have never been to Maine, and have no intention of opening up a bank account in the Stephen King State.

Source : Loren Baker - http://www.searchenginejournal.com


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