The 8 most expensive paints in the world (with pictures)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The 8 most expensive paints in the world.

1. A boy with a pipestem by Pabol Picasso - Value $104,160,000US

2. The doctor by Van Goth - Value $82,500,000US

3. Red grindery's shindy - Value $78,100,000US

4. Blow the Baby by Rubens - Value $73,500,000US

5. Still Life by Paul Cezanne - Value $60,500,000US

6. Shed blood by Rubens - Value $59,500,000US

7. Flower-de-luce by Van Goth - Value $53,000,000US


8. Dream by Pabol Picasso - Value $48,400,000US

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Blogger 30dollarwatch said...

Let's hear it for Pablo. W00T! ;-)

10:02 PM  
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