Real Time 3D Illusion

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What is an illusion ?

An illusion is a distortion of a sensory perception. Each of the human senses can be deceived by illusions, but visual illusions are the most well known. Some illusions are subjective; different people may experience an illusion differently, or not at all.

A very fine, all-silk tulle which originated in France. It has a cobweb appearance. Hexagonal open mesh. Made in 52 inch and 72 inch widths. Used in veils, particularly for weddings, trimmings. incarnadine having the pinkish color of flesh; red, especially bloodred.

An abnormal perception caused by a sensory misinterpretation of and actual stimulus, sometimes precipitated by strong emotion, eg fear provoking a person to imagine they have seen an intruder in the shadows.

If you search into this blog you'll find some illusions, really intresting illusions ( Man on the wall - Illusion, Dot's Illusion, Face Illusion ), but now we present to you a new face of illusions, Real Time 3D Illusion.

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Anonymous Stephen Van Dahm said...

I really enjoyed these pictures. I can only figure out how one of them (the first one) works. My brain really hurts now.


9:50 PM  
Anonymous M H said...

It's all about angles and lining the camera up just right obviously, but still very cool. The second pic is the best one I think.

4:18 PM  
Blogger CatchMyBlog said...

awesome pics. I remember similar but yet not that realistic ones from some psychology classes ...

4:18 AM  

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