Allianz Arena in lego version

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What is Allianz Arena ?

"UFO", "dinghy", "lifebelt". These are just some of the imaginative metaphors used by the local press to try to describe the unusual design crafted by Herzog and DeMeuron. In February 2002, the Swiss architects were given the go-ahead to build Munich's new soccer stadium. Like the Olympic stadium three decades earlier, the aim was to leave a lasting architectural impression - this time in Munich-Fröttmaning on the city's north-eastern edge.

The whole arena is enveloped by a smooth plastic outer skin. Since the skin is translucent, it can be lit up differently for different events. The new stadium will therefore glow in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Munich's new soccer stadium will be completed at an easily accessible location in the north of the city in time for the FIFA World Cup 2006TM.

This is the real stadium ( just 2 images more at or search the internet ).

Now let's see the Lego Version or Allianz Arena Stadium.

Now what do you have to say ? Beautiful Lego Arhitecture.

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