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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Although the history of computer and video games spans almost five decades, computer and video games themselves did not become part of the popular culture until the late 1970s.

When you compare similar games from the mid-eighties with today’s top notch video and computer games, the difference in graphics is quite amazing.

Cabal vs Battlefield 2

Double Dribble vs. NBA Live’06

Karate Champ vs.Dead or Alive 4

Tennis vs. Top Spin 2

Bard’s Tale vs. WOW

Rad Racer vs. PGR 3 ( Project Gotham Racing 3 )

Ice Hockey vs NHL 2006

10 yard fight vs Madden NFL 06

Punch Out vs Fight Night round 3

Here we can give more examples like :

“Wolfentein 3D VS Return to Castle Wolfenstein”
“Quake 1 VS Quake 4″
"Warcraft VS Warcraft 3"
"Super Mario Bros VS Super Mario World"

And the list can continue.In the end I'm asking myself if games evolved so much in that period of time, how they will look after 20, 50, 100 years ?

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Blogger Romerican said...

Interesting comparison. I think most of the games are tremendously better and your question about the future is quite interesting.

I would say that 10 Yard Fight beats Madden, however. In game play, I found things peaked with Sega NFL2K2. My opinion.

And Cabal was way better than Battlefield 2 is. Heh.

10:51 PM  

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