Emoticon Pillows - Ridibundus smiley set

Saturday, April 15, 2006

All day we use emoticons in chat rooms, forums, Yahoo Messager, etc.Now let's bring emoticons in our real life.At last, a way to tell how your furniture is feeling, or to make our house look more like a chat room. The Ridibundus smiley set of pillows come in six styles, for all moods.You can pre-order the set of six for $20.

The six-piece set of emoticons designed as different color cushions is good for all children—one- to hundred-year-olds.A 13.5-cm-broad smiley fits snugly in the palm of your hand or covers your face.Ridibundi can be used for cushioning for a great night’s sleep or scattered on the desk, or put on a shelf below the rear window of a car.

If you like this pillows you can order a set of 6 - here.

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