Sunday, April 30, 2006

Buses aren't generally considered glamorous, but that could change once the Superbus hits the streets.

It looks like a very long stretch limo and is about half the height of a normal single-decker bus. It also promises to work unlike a regular bus, travelling at a top speed of 250km per hour in special lane separated from normal traffic. Software will take care of steering and passengers will be able to book a place on the bus using the internet or by sending a text message.

The Superbus has been designed by a team from Delft University of Technology, led by Antonia Terzi (ex-head aerodynamicist of the BMW-Williams F1 team) and Wubbo Ockels (the first, and only, Dutchman in space).

Still its developers say you should be able to book a trip on a prototype in 2008 but, while you're waiting for it to arrive, check out this cool promotional video.

[Via - NewScientist ]


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