The World Most Expensive House!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Updown Court, a newly built mansion for sale outside of London, offers plenty of lavish amenities: five swimming pools, an eight-limousine garage, and mosaic floor made of 24-karat gold leaf in the downstairs study. The property, however, is best known for its price tag: more than 85 million British pounds (+$150 million USD).

If Updown Court fetches that price, it would make the 40,000-square-foot dwelling and its property the most expensive home ever sold, according to real estate agents. The target owner, according to developer Leslie Allen-Vercoe, is a superrich international buyer looking for a second, third, or fourth home in London. "The house has been designed for a specific market, which is the billionaire market, as opposed to the millionaire market," he says.

Larger in area than both the royal residences of Hampton Court Palace or Buckingham Palace, this magnificent estate symbolises the grand and imposing presence of the Great Houses of England, yet employs state-of-the-art 21st Century technology to provide the ultimate living environment.


Anonymous meldrid said...

why have you put my house on the internet!?

7:16 PM  
Anonymous bev said...

how do i arrange a viewing? i can get a mortgage for 100,000 my dad can chip in the rest also my boss said i can work over time!the mortgage adviser said i was looking at mortgage repayments of 550 a month. little steep can we arrange a deal? although i am concerned about stamp duty and council tax? any ideas what my extra costs will be? does it come furnished, because this will break me? if i buy the house can you arrange some lodgers? and give the staff there p45! inc;luding the groundsmen and garderners because im quite the handyman. anyway, if you can put forward my offer, if it is not accepted then please can you ask them what they pay hourly? and if there are any jobs going

many thanks, i look forward to seeing you at my house warming. bring a bottle, and food and anything that you think i may need.cutlery etc

7:25 PM  
Anonymous stanley said...

i am very interested in development, do you thin i could get planning on demolishing it and rebuilding?

7:26 PM  

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