Cargo ship tips over, 4,700 Mazdas aboard

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A ship carrying 4,700 Mazdas has tipped over off the coast of Alaska. Despite being in a precarious position, the ship is safe and is not sinking. All 23 crew were rescued safely and whilst the cars haven't been inspected it's probably safe to assume that most of them will have to be scrapped.

Officials with Mazda Motor Corp. said more than 4,700 of the cars on board the Cougar Ace are various Mazda models, including the popular lines, Mazda3 and CX-7. The cars were being shipped from Japan to Vancouver, Tacoma, Wash., and Port Hueneme, northwest of Los Angeles. [ via ]


Blogger DEG said...

Read this on Associated Press the very day it happened. I work in shipping and know my way around an ocean going vessel... Can't help wonder WTF did the crew do to provoque this. Still waiting for any survey on the ship to go public ;)

8:53 PM  

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