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Friday, July 21, 2006

As we were childs we had some problems when learned to walk, but step by step we learned this precious skill, and now we use this skill every single day.A turtle looking over and over at humans decided to imitate humans, and the results ...

I this this turtle is really really ambitious.What is her new goals ? Running ? Riding a bike ? :)


Anonymous sori said...

lol cool trick

11:29 PM  
Anonymous terren said...

This is fake. It's physically impossible for a turtle to stand up. Even if its legs were strong enough to hold its weight up, there's no way for it to lift its body up. Lay on your stomach like a turtle and try to stand up without bending your knees, your elbows, or your abdomen, and you'll get the idea.

11:51 PM  
Blogger jayg said...

Terren ..then its a preety good fake i guess...i liked it

Turtles are extremely important to humans and sealife, yet we kill them for food or steal them from their habitat as pets, you wanna know the result? The mediterranean is filled with Jelly Fish and we can can hardly swim.

When Turtles have a higher population in the sea, we should take them in as pets...but right now it is wrong to take them away, you know why cos humans suffer as a conciquence because Turtles eat Jellyfish,.no turtles ..a huge fucking amount of jellyfish, and seriously I prefar swimming with Turtles, turtles are cute and do not harm you.... try swimming with a medusa Jellyfish ..ehhhhhh

11:21 AM  

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