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Friday, December 01, 2006

I like contests, and I join them when I found them, maybe this time I will win.Today I've found TenHunt contest.I don't know much about this, but I've though that maybe on this blog I have readers that love contests, and the idea that "Maybe this time I will win.". Is interesting because the prizes are tempting, especially the Wii console that I've also presents on this blog.- So a few words about this contest.Feel free to join by pressing the little graphic from the top, or click here.

The concept is very simple. If you have ever participated in a scavenger hunt, you are already one step ahead in understanding how the game works.You will be greeted with the first question out of 10. That question will refer you to a webpage on the internet and a clue to help you solve the question. Once you have found the answer you switch back to your TenHunt page and enter the answer you found. The system will tell you instantly whether you are correct or incorrect. Once that question has been answered correctly you will proceed to the next question. The player that answers all ten questions correctly first is the winner and will receive the prize.


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