Carlos Mencia - Orgasm

Sunday, April 22, 2007

This hilarious Carlos Mencia performance was given to me by a friend on Yahoo Messenger.I love Carlos Mencia, and I saw all his shows ( Mind of Mencia ).If you want a good laugh today you must see this video.

P.S - Vulgar language, but still hilarious !!!


Blogger Minds_Alliance said...

Carlos Mensias has copied many of his jokes.
So many that I now despise him, hes a Thief of Artistic Property.
He is the Replacement on Comedy Central of the Chappelle show.
You know to have a Comedy Artist of Different Race.
Mexican, the funny thing is hes not mexican, but peurto rican, who do not really face discrimination like Mexicans.
He also doesn't know what a Gspot is. nobody there seems to do.
Gspot for Males is in the prostate, not your willy. Its in the Asshole.
Gspot for women is 1 finger long in , u know where you feel a big cavity..move your finger up if shes ass down and you'll find it.
I did. I proved myself right.
He probably had stuff written out for him..probably looked too complicated since hes never been there and made stuff up.
although its Ok...
The Thing at the end cracked me up ALOT.

7:22 PM  

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