Fun internet stuff : Play with this girls !

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Surfing the internet in find out something that entertain me.I find 2 games.In this games you are a customer, and you go to a bar.There you'll find one, or two girls, that want to serve you, and waiting for you to place and order.The funny thing is that you can order thing's like : kiss, banana, pillow fight, fight, kick, sleep, jiggle, naked, tattoo, topless, jump, pour beer, drink beer, sing, stretch, dance, lick, hummer, wave, tickle, hat, strip, breast, dance on bar, be a pimp, magic, karate, robot, shoes, show me something, spin, read, write, hair, belly, gymnastics, fire, spread, pitcher, kiss me, hand stand, arms, phone number, and more.

The girls will make you some surprises, now go and play with them !

One girl to play with !
You want more ? OK ! Two girls to play with !

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