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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In the 21 century it seems that publicity represents a very important factor in everything that surround's us.There was a man that said: "Now publicity decide's".Lately we can see that the internet get's deeper and deeper in our life style.The internet became something we depend on and it's normal because we tend to depend on everything that help's us: getting new friends,become better in any domain and lot's of informations.All these you can find in one place: the internet.

The internet at his turn is dominated by a huge force called google.This huge search engine detains an inimaginable base of datas, that daily is accesed by a great number of people.Every day milions of persons type in their browser the magic formula : "www.google.com".A colored logo, few buttons and an empty space where you type the words or phrases that you want to search for.This is the mighty Google.So simple but still so complex.Now imagine : if one day google would think to expend in a new domain; for example ,would wanna go on the market with a new pair of sneakers named GooG.After that they would post a banner on the first page of google.com.

What would happen with this new sneakers brand ? I think that a lot of people would try to buy one pair.Sustained by a powerful advertising campain, a product with a cool design would be a BOOM on the market.I don't know if google has something like that is his plans, but imagine what would happend with any product sales if he would be listed on the first page of google.com ?

And one more question : Why google doesn't sell ads on his first page ? He'll make more money using that space.


Anonymous Anshul Jain said...

I think you need to consider the fact that if Google starts selling ads on their homepage the same users who love the uncluttered and simple interface would go to another rival search engine. Remember how much you hate ads on a free account. Same philosophy works here.

8:37 PM  
Blogger dwierman said...

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9:33 PM  
Blogger necromanc said...

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9:40 PM  
Anonymous tal said...

yeah, anshul jain is 100% right, one of google great strength is that its interface is very simple and fast, and results are very clear. If you start putting ads everywhere it'll just slow down everything and confuse the user. Google has understood that and im' sure it'll stay that way.

3:56 PM  

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