Smile Effects

Monday, February 06, 2006

Smile ! It's the secret to charisma.If you have a good charisma, you already know what a powerful weapon is a warm smile.People smile when they like something, when something make's them feel better, etc. ( Remember what you can do with a smile.A simple smile could make others think that they have something special )

Now let's see some of Smile Effects

First of all, smiling puts everyone at ease.When someone smiles at you, very rarely do you not smile.This is an inconstient action.If we go out we can see that not many people like to smile.They have problems, other things in mind or we don't smile more often because we're afraid to show our vulnerability and soft side.

The reason the smile is so effective is because you reflect goodness to someone.Do you remember a moment when a person smiled to you ? How did you felt then ? When something like this happends to me i feel at least GOOD ! A smile makes you feel a little better, gives you confidence, make's you more atractive, ... When someone smiles at you, you feel good about yourself, and you give that smile back.It gives you an emotional boost.

Smiling also releases endorphins which calm you and make you happier, according to several studies.

Remember : Smile, and make others smile, and you'll see only pozitive effects.Just give it a try today !

The best SMILE !

A smile has to be sincere and the eyes have to smile too ( wrinkles arond eyes ).Look in the mirror and look at your eyes when you smile to see what i'm talking about, the secret of a perfect smile is behind out eyes.Practice your smile a little using a mirror, untill you find a sincere warm smile.After that you can go out and smile to others and achive positive feed back.Of course smiling like a clown every time when you're with someone makes you look awkward, so control your smile.The point is not to smile to get others to see you smiling, but to smile to make yourself feel better.Try smiling even when you don't have anyting to smile about just have a good time by yourself.A simple act like that can take you only 1 second, and change your mood.If you smile and have a positive atitudine you can change others moods, because moods are contagious.

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