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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ea ( Electronic Arts ) decided to relase a new part of The Sims series, and they make a step forward, and now we have The Sims 2 on our mobiles.

Take your Sims with you everywhere! The Sims™ 2 on mobile will feature completely unique storylines giving you the ability to customise and take control of your Sims. Satisfy your Sim's wants, buy objects, develop their careers and skills and develop relationships with other Sims.

The intuitive ‘one thumb’ gameplay combined with an immersive 3D Sims world will let both old and new players enjoy the game of life on their mobile phone.

You can even customise your phone Sims-style with ringtones, wallpaper and custom icons.

O2 customers can buy The Sims 2 from Friday the 16th of December 2005. Simply text game easims2 to 80202. Vodafone customers can also buy The Sims 2 from the 22nd of December 2005, you just need to text game sims2 to 8888 to download your game.

Now you can have more fun playing The Sims 2 on your mobile. Enjoy !

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