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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Taking action creeate motivation, and motivation create energy.

I found this words realy realy true !

Two months ago, i was searching for something i like to do, something for spending my time as i want.I searched on Google all kind of stuff, how to make money, how to develop new skills, how to become succesfoul, and a lot of things (because information provided by Google) is huge.Every day i find something new, something intresting, but i continued searching, because my mind said to me that if i look more and more i'll find more intresting stuff.This is true, but how mutch information i can process ? I can't process all the information from Google, or other sources.All the information i gathered in that time surfing all day over the internet become huge, if i wanted to read/watch/listen to all that information i think i finish that stuff in let's say 2 or 3 years.Remember reading what others say's can help you get inspired but you'll never know how it is untill you try.

One day i stoped, and i decided to choose something and start with that domain (Business), even if i didn't know to mutch about that domain (Business).So i started my journey to start a business .After i started the business i've found information very intresting, and i decided to stay only in one domain at time, the biggest part of my time i spended learning more about one domain.In the first week i learned all kind of stuff about that domain, and all the information from my domain was more clearly now, because everyday making the same things you'll become better at what you do, and start have confidence in that domain ( Like a fotbal player who play with ball all day long ).Practice make's perfect.

After i started i've seen that i can do what with some day's ago was just a dream for me, and that created motivation inside of me, and i wanted to make more and more, and the surprise was that my energy level got high, and when i working on something that i like, i feel that i have more & better fuel inside my veins.
My advice is to stop searching for the perfect site that will help you start a business.Look at what you find untill now, and try to stick over one domain at a time, don't make all kind of stuff at once, because you'll want to do that and that, and finaly you'll do nothing.

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