Aerial views

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Aerial view of famous places like pyramid in Egypt, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Statue of Liberty in New York and Eiffel Tower in Paris.

P.S - Click photos to enlarge.

Aerial photography is the taking of photographs from above with a camera mounted on an aircraft, balloon, rocket, kite, skydiver or similar vehicle. It was first practiced by the French photographer and balloonist Nadar in 1858. The use of aerial photography for military purposes was expanded during World War I by aviators such as Fred Zinn.

Aerial photography is used in cartography, land-use planning, archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, espionage, commercial advertising, conveyancing, and other fields. Aerial photos are often processed by a GIS system. [ Wikipedia ]

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Crazy hairstyles

Are you looking for a new hair style ? Need a new hair style ? Check out these great hair styles.A lot of work, but some people may say that is gay, anyway this is unique.

Want more hair styles ? Check out Crazy Hair Styles 2, Hair & Haircuts ... maybe you got some inspiration.

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The Flintstones Real House

The Flintstones, an American animated television series created by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, is one of the most successful animated television series of all time, originally running in American prime time for six seasons, from 1960 to 1966, on the ABC network. It was loosely based on The Honeymooners.

This animated television show is now in real life ..all we need now is Fred and Willma.

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Creative tissue boxes

A funny way to give some personality to you room, bar, club, restaurant.

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Mini Concept Car

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Floating Bed

It’s fun, romantic, and surprisingly practical. Your home will take on a whole new dimension with a Floating Bed. It’s perfect as your main bed, guest occasional bed, sofa, or as an outdoor hammock. It's the greatest idea ever in sleep and relaxation.
The Floating Bed. It’s more than just furniture. [ You can buy one of there from here ]

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Strange Machine

I don't know how to name it but I like what is in this picture, and I think it deserve to be published in my blog, because here are all things I find and like.

Classic Car Seat Sofa

Cool car seat sofas. Basically, this unique sofa was made from back part of a car where a sofa was placed in car boot. You might get one or do it yourself from your old car :)

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