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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Two Amazing Pictures

Friday, December 29, 2006

Just look at this pictures.When I saw them for the first time I was "WOW" ...

Wake Up Scared

I don't know but these days I found on the internet a lot of movies of scared people.I like to see them scared, and I searched for this kind of people.One of the coolest things I've found is this collection of people who wake up scared.Just watch at their faces and prepare for a good laugh.This will make your day better.

Hottest Jobs on Market Today

Thursday, December 28, 2006

If you want to find out what are the hottest jobs in these days here you have a top of the hottest 50 jobs.In this top you can find out also the average salary, and how popular became the job you are searching for in the last year.This top was made using informations from CNN Money & Bureau of Labor Statistics.Click on the image to see the full list.

Tell Me What You Want

I see that on this blog people don't comment to much, just from time to time I see a new comment.I don't get suggestions, what you don't like, what should I take care more, what do you want to see, what domains should I touch .. I care about my visitors, and I want to make them happy.So tell me what you want, suggestions, anything.


Have a beautiful day.

A Cool Sport - Sepak Takraw

Sepal Takraw was created by the royal family of Malaysia about 500 years ago. The name itself comes from two languages. Sepak is "kick" in Malay, and Takraw is the "ball" in Thai. When it is born, It looked like Japanese "Kemari", and some became a circle, and a pole was kicked, and the number of times was being competed in.

It looks very similar to the Japanese traditional game, "kemari" where the players form a loose circle and the number of times the ball is kicked before it touches the ground is counted. In 1965 the game was unified into the present volleyball style with the addition of a net and the adoption of international rules.

I love this sport, to bad I don't have the training to play such a sport, but who knows you can see a movie of what is this sport about.You can find more videos about this sport on YouTube.

Impressive Pen Calculator

I'm amazed of how much technology can do these days.Here you are about to see a pen that a calculator inside.At a first glance you will ask yourself some questions, like "Where are the numbers ...etc", but after you will see this movie you will see that you don't need the numbers.Something very creative, just by writing ...You can buy one from Amazon.

Angelina Jolie at 17 Years

Angelina Jolie according to many magazines is one of the most beautiful womens in the world.As you already know she also has near her the most beautiful man ( Brad Pitt ) according to other magazines.For those who wonder how she looked a few years ago, here you have some pictures of her at 17 years. [ More pictures here ]

Lenticular Clouds & Other Strange Clouds

Lenticular clouds are simply one more example of the beauty and complexity that can be the result from a simple process in nature.These lens-shaped clouds are often mistaken for UFO’s because of their weird shape that seems to mandate a prior design. But like evolution, it is just a process that has designed these kind of clouds...[ See more pictures here ]

How to Get Credit Cards for Free

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

There is an interesting video that shows us how easy is to get a Credit Card from someone for free.You just need to act a little and they will give you the card.After that you can go and shop online.Watch this movie and learn how to prevent something like this.

Amazing Ice Sculptures

Sunday, December 24, 2006

This sculptures from my perspective are simply just amazing.I don't have other words to describe them. [ via ]

How to Leave Your Folders with no Name Under Them

This is a nifty trick on how to leave your folders with no name under them.You can use this trick also on MSN.

How To Rip A Phonebook In Half

Great party trick! Your friends won't believe their eyes.

How did You Get on This Blog ?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm wondering from where did you heard of my blog, or from where, or how you discovered this blog.


Can You Spot a Fake Smile ?

Today I've found a test that is designed to test whether you can spot the difference between a fake smile and a real one.You have 20 faces ( video ) to see if you can make the difference between a real smile and a fake one.This test is based on research by Professor Paul Ekman, a psychologist at the University of California.

Most people are surprisingly bad at spotting fake smiles. One possible explanation for this is that it may be easier for people to get along if they don't always know what others are really feeling.

Although fake smiles often look very similar to genuine smiles, they are actually slightly different, because they are brought about by different muscles, which are controlled by different parts of the brain.

Fake smiles can be performed at will, because the brain signals that create them come from the conscious part of the brain and prompt the zygomaticus major muscles in the cheeks to contract. These are the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth outwards.

At the end of this test I've got this message : "You got 13 out of 20 correct" - So I'm GOOD.

What's your score ? - You can take the test here.

List of Women Teachers That Had Sex with Students

Worldnetdaily did an excellent article by making a list with women teachers that had sex with their students.I always wanted to had sex with one of my teachers, and this article proves that this is possible and the list is very long.You should see it ... ofcourse there are pictures. - See the article

Why Marijuana is Good for You ?

Today I've found a website that gives you 25 reasons to smoke marijuana, and try to convince you that marijuana is a good thing.Some of the reasons are linked to articles that prove the title.From that list I've selected the reasons that I like the most.Let's see some reasons ...
Because you would be in the company of Louis Armstrong, the Beatles, Bob Denver, Bill Clinton, George Bush (okay, never mind him), famous scientist Carl Sagan, Michael Bloomberg, Lewis Caroll, George Washington Carver, Salvador Dali, Al Gore, Steve Jobs, John kennedy, John Wayne, and George Washington.

Marijuana is less addictive than caffeine. There is no physical addiction but a slight mental addiction can develop.

Marijuana can prevent migraines.

Sex gets a whole lot better

Daily marijuana use doesn’t damage your brain.

Nobody has ever died from smoking pot.

Marijuana users report less depression

Build a House from 0

In this video you can see a man who filmed the step by step construction of his house.From the first day of the house, until the house was finished.Interesting.

Top Mobile Games of 2006

As you know in the last years the mobile technology evolved drastically.Phones with lots of colors hit the market, and if now we have colors that mean we can play more games, and live a more complex experience when playing on our mobiles.PoketGamer did a Top 50 mobile games of 2006, and if you would like to buy, or install some games on your mobile, you should choose from this top. Enjoy !

Drunk Celebrities

We all are humans, and from time to time we make little mistakes, like being drunk.Celebrities have to protect their image, but sometimes they forget because the level of alcohol is to high.Here are some pictures with drunk celebrities .. I hope you know them all ... :)

Kevin Robinson's Incredibile Double Flair

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I saw that amazing Double Flair first time on EuroSports, and is just amazing.You must see this.

Stalin & Borat

Surfing the internet someone did a research about Stalin, and he discovered a picture of him from 1915 when he was in exile.He looks very much like Borat ... see for yourself.What do you think ?

Fun Pictures Made by Guys

For today I've selected a set of fun pictures with original & fun ideas of pictures made by guys. Have fun !!!

Check Your Name Popularity

Namestatistics is a website with a huge database of names.What is the use of this database ? You can find what are the most popular male & female names.Have you ever wondered how popular your first and last names are?

Name Statistics allows you to find out the ranking of your name and an estimation of how many other people in the United States share the same name as you do. You can do a search to find out your name ranking

Most Hated Celebrity's 2006

A celebrity is a widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention. The word stems from the Latin adjective celeber meaning famous or celebrated. While fame is generally considered a necessary precondition for celebrity status, it is not always sufficient. There has to be a level of public interest in the person, which may or may not be connected to the reason they are famous.

Luiis presents us a list of 10 Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood as determined by a select group of entertainment gossip bloggers from around the blogosphere.

I can tell you that is the top of the list are Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan.To see the entire list visit this blog.

Something About Fear and Courage

Today I was reading an interesting article from where I've learned some useful tips, and I think that you should also learn from this article.The story begins with a little girl that is knocked down by some boys.After that she go to her father that teach she a valuable lesson. Here I will post some of the ideas that draw my attention.

  1. When a bully threatens you, he is trying to invoke in you some fear in which he can feed off of.
  2. Your opponent is trying to hurt you, so don’t let some silly moral argument prevent you from kicking the little bastard in the nuts.
  3. There is no shiny trophy waiting for you at the end of this fight, so everything goes.
  4. Fear causes people to make mistakes.
Read the full article here.

Sweet dog falls asleep while he's sitting up.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

He is a 10 year old Pure Bred Pomeranian and Blows Bubbles out his Nose.He is not narcoleptic. He is in good health but can't breath through his nose, therefore, he tries to sleep sitting up.

Hacking a Windows XP Password

Have you ever wanted to know how to change an Windows XP Password without having access to the initial password ? I wanted to do that once, but I didn't know.Now in this movie you can learn how to do it yourself.

Beautiful Paper Art

This is not origami, but is very beautiful.Take a look.If you want to see more visit this website.

Cool Guy in School

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This is one of the best games I've played this year.So a few words about the game.In this game you are the Cool Guy in a school, and you don't like to study so, you have to cheat, and not get caught.In the beginning you will copy from a geek, after some levels you will beat a geek to show you at the test.You will sneak out in the school to steal tests and modify them, etc.A lot of fun stuff in this game.You should try it to see.Just click on the picture to play the game.

P.S - Take a look at the tutorial to understand how to play the game.

Need to pee

Monday, December 18, 2006

This is hilarious.Right when the game needs to start the player need to pee, and why not like animals anywhere.

I like it ...

The cat love the presser heat, but soon the heat will be warm.


Original Snowman

Now when I post this image is winter, and I've though that you might need some inspiration before making a snow man.Remember .. be original.

Sweet Mama !!!

Just look at this guy reaction when he see this girl ..

Ford Focus Coupé-Cabriolet made entirely of ice

The ice sculpture, already dubbed the coolest car at the show, has been crafted for the last two weeks by a team of sculptors in a giant freezer – set at a chilly minus 10 deg C. The work took a total of 160 hours, but each shift was limited to just 40 minutes because of the severe cold.

The Focus Coupe-Cabriolet sculpture, which is made from 120 separate pieces of crafted ice, was dismantled and then reconstructed on the Ford stand – which was specially reinforced to bear the weight – by a team of 12 specialists.

Funny Durex Ad

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This Durex Ad make me laugh.I like ads that make me laugh, and this one is very good, and very funny.Great work .. DUREX. ( Press the image to enlarge )

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