Most Amazing Beds You'll Ever See

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Have you ever wanted to have a super bedroom, something to amaze your friends, or your girlfriends ? I know that everyones wants a bed something like this and if until now you didn't found something you think that is really impressive, here is a beds collection that I'm sure you'll love, with 16 of the Most Extreme & Modern Beds. A really inspirational collection for your bedroom.

Little Jerry Dog and his Bal

This appears to me a homemade robot that slingshots a tennis ball when Jerry the dog places it in the barrel. hat is fantastic. Imagine nobody home and instead of the dog chewing up the sofa's or shoes he's entertaining himself with that thing. Hell we have automatic baseball throwers and tennis ball pitchers, why can't he have that thing.

Test Your Awareness

How many passes does the team in white make? Test your awareness and Do the Test! Apparently, it is a TFL cycling safety advert. You will have a little pleasant surprise at the end of this video.

Walrus dancing on Smooth Criminal

Now if someone would tell you about a walrus who's dancing perfeclty on Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal you were laughing, and of course don't believe something like this. That's just fabulous have to see this to believe. Take a look at the video below

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