How Matches are Made

Thursday, May 31, 2007

We use them daily, at least in my case. But have you ever wondered how are they made ? Until I saw that video I never thought that there is so much work to make matches. That machine is incredible. Watch the video, and increase your knowledge.

Drifting Like You've Never Saw Before

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the word drifting. This is not my first post about drifting. You can see that I've posted about drifting on this blog here ( amazing drifts made with trucks ) and here ( drifting with toy cars ). But what you are about to see today is something really extreme. Hit the play button to see ...

Woman Power

What do you think ? Could this be the secret ? :)

After a Year We Have a Sponsor

Monday, May 28, 2007

Today I'm glad to announce this blog first sponsor. After a year and more of posting here it comes. If you'll buy something from them they'll give me a little commission. In this way you can give me a little thank you for all these beautiful posts, that I've gathered here over time.

Visit our sponsor here.

This clock will run all over the house, and make noise just to make sure you'll wake up.You can see it in action here.

Making your faucet different. Just attach to the end of your faucet (universal adapters included), and when the water flows through the magic chamber, it simply turns on the LED array and illuminates the stream with soothingly powerful hues.
Ipod Pillow for all Ipod lovers, and the best part is that these plushy pillows can actually play music.
Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt, if you would like some action on your clothes.
These are just some products from our sponsor that I liked. They have a lot of cool stuff, check their website for more.

Cards from Air - Magic Trick

In this video you'll learn a beautiful magic trick, that with practice will amaze a lot of people. This trick allows magicians ( You ) to show their hand empty and then have card after card appear from nowhere. This is a
fabulous effect! Enjoy the video.

Keira Knightley - Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Costume

As many of you might know these days Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was launched. Keira Knightley is an actress that played in this movie, and what impressed me is her costume. I love it, and I would like to have something like this to wear, but I don't know who create something like this, and at what price. Maybe one of my readers will help me, who knows. Until then let's admire Keira Knightley beautiful costume, and by the way this costume remembers me about this dragon leather bag.

This is What I Call Flexibility

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just look at this man. He is incredible flexible. I don't know how you can become so flexible, but I would like to find out. I stretch daily and I wait the results, but I'm not even close to this amazing man. Watch the video, you'll be amazed at the end of this short video.

Punctuation Can Make the Difference

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Take a look at this image, and you will see how just by using punctuation you can change who whole meaning of a sentence. Pretty interesting.

Starcraft 2 Cinematic Trailer

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Starcraft is a legend when we talk about strategy games. I know a lot of people who still play this game that was launched in 1998. After almost 10 years they still play this game. Think about this that people are real fans of this game. In Korean & Japan they have leagues for this games, that are watched on TV. Now I'm sure that all these people after 9 years can't wait to play Starcraft 2. Blizzard announced this game, and here is the trainer ..enojy !

Sex, Sex, Sex ... People like to Think at Sex

This short 1:55 minutes video will make you laugh 100%. A handful of 'freshmen' is getting a lecture on sexual behavior. They have to wear special lasers that will follow their eye movement. Everything seems to be going fine for about 2 seconds, then everything goes to hell... Enjoy !

Fastest Secretary In The World

Before seeing this movie I didn't expected at such a speed. This woman is incredible. I would like to hear her story, and find out how she trained for such a performance, or what she did to become so good. In this clip from Japanese TV, this secretary stamps documents with superhuman speed. And when I say superhuman speed you'll see something really amazing. I didn't expected at something like this. How do you think she can stamp so fast ?

Scary Sheep

This little movie is hilarious.The sheep is wearing a mask, and he doesn't realize that it's scaring the others, and it's like: what the hell is wrong?!!!!

Pissing in a Pool Prank

I love pranks and hidden camera shows, and today I have for you 40 seconds from a hidden camera show. Enjoy !

Fun Advertisements for Pasta

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I think that these ads for which show the models eating pasta represented by ropes are used for promoting Mondo Pasta, are really fun and smart the same time. These advertisements were posted onto the side of ships in Hamburg, Germany. Enjoy ! - Via - Cherry Flava

Baby Kicked By Breakdancer

If you have little kids this movie will make you watch them very close. A good lesson for every parent. Now some funny comments that made me laugh after watching the video : "The baby is breakdancing too!!!" - And the best "FLAWLESS VICTORY!" , for those who played Mortal Kombat. :)

Street Fighter with Bible Characters

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I don't play to much, but some days ago I've found an interesting game. If you are a true believer in God, this post might offend you and you might consider it a sin. I don't created the game, I played and enjoyed it, and I don't feel like I've committed a sin. In a few words this game is just like the old Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat but the characters are from bible : Eve, Noah, Moses, Mary, Satan and Jesus, and the final boss is GOD. Here you have a few screen shoots of the game, that I've made when I played this game. I know is a crazy idea, but is fun. You can play the game ( "Bible Fight" ) here.

Miracles Done Just with Paper

I'm sure that this will be the most amazing this you'll see all day. I regret I don't know who is the creator of these beautiful pieces of paper art, but I'll try to find. Maybe you know and help me by posting a comment. Now let's admire these little amazing piece of art. Enjoy !

True Power of Photoshop

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A few months ago I've showed you this incredible transformation ( The truth about magazine models ). Today I've found something from the same category, that is also mind blowing, and you'll see the true power of photoshop. Just watch this movie, and post your thoughts about this. It seems that everything that we see on TV and magazines is FAKE.

Incredibile Picture

Just look at this picture, it's incredible, beautiful, amazing, how you want to name it. I would pay to be there. Click on the picture to enlarge. Enjoy !

Nescafe Ad

Friday, May 11, 2007

Today I've received on email a beautiful Nescafe Ad. I like it and I decided that this ad should be on this blog because is something interesting. "Nothing wakes you up as Nescafe" - Enjoy !

Tortoise defends it's Territory Against Invading Cats

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I love this short movie, where this little tortoise is so brave and defends it's territory against invading cats. Is like a little warrior ready to fight a whole army, or a bigger enemy. So sweet ! - Via - Neatorama

Audi R8 Tested

I wasn't a big Audi fan until I saw this Audi R8 video. Just look at this car, beautiful, and powerful. Do you need more ? Fifth Gear's Tiff Needell puts this incredible Audi R8 to the test. After you'll see this video you'll might fall in love with this car, just tell me after you've watched the video ... - Via - Freshcreation

Sex & Erotism in Advertising

This post about sex & erotism is advertising is quite fascinating, and if you are interested in this domain go on google and do a little research, and you'll find a lot of interesting stuff. I'm fascinated about this domain, because here are a lot of things that many people are not aware, and a lot of hidden messages. Now let's take a look at a collection of pictures that shows how marketers use sex and erotism in advertising, a few examples.

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