Zombie Town

Friday, September 29, 2006

Here is a collection of pictures that really transfer you into another dimension, in a world of zombies.When I saw this pictures I really thought at zombies.What about you ?

Best NBA Fights

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the world's premier men's professional basketball league and one of the major professional sports leagues of North America.We all know that in sports sometimes appear conflicts, and maybe fights, like in this movies.Now you have the opportunity to see the best fights from NBA.Players don't know to much about fighting, but they are keep punching.I think they grow up in ghetto and the vainglory is very high, and is easy to start a fight.

Colorful caskets

A coffin ( also known as a casket) is a funerary box used in the display and containment of deceased remains either for burial or after cremation.We all sometimes must leave from this world, and Oxford Coffins comed with a new idea : Colourful Coffins and during the day of withdrawal you will be able to appear stylish.

Company proposes to the close one of deceased to select its production, takeing into account his former profession or the circumstance of withdrawal into the peace of other.They have all kind of coffins, you just have to say how you want it, and you have it ... and they can make something for your pet if you want.

Elmo Tickle Me

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Watch this, the new Elmo falls down and wiggles on the ground, and then gets back up by himself.This toy is a mood changer.Just tickle him, and you state will improve, because his laugh is contagious.Very cool for a present.

Bra almost for 2 million dollars

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Korea’s Golden Zone has launched a $1.89 million gold bra during a fashion show in Seoul. The gold brassiere is decorated with diamonds and is made to hug the body just well.Ladyes ... desire ...and admire.

Don't even touch her

I loved this movie from the first time I saw it.Two stupid guys decide to punch someone they don't know, and they got what they trully deserve.Something like this happend to me one year ago.For guys with motocyles comed to me when I was walking with my girlfriend, and one of them punched me from the motocycle.I reacted the next second like this guy ... and finaly I won the fight.

Sexual Ornaments

Last month I searched on the internet for all kind of intresting necklages, bracelets, and different accesories for men.I've found a lot of intresting necklages, and bracelets, but today by mistake I've found this fun & sexual ornaments and rings.Just imagine how would you react if you'll see an ornament like this on someone . :) Don't ask me from where to buy one, because I just found the pictures.

Car accident in Belgium Via Google Earth

After a while I discovered a miles long traffic jam on a highway in Flanders and Brussels, apparently caused by a car accident.Is just amazing, so much detail.

Check it out over at Google Maps or enter 50°49'28.75" N 4°16'47.24" E in Google Earth to get a better view.


Tongue Tricks

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I found this toungue tricks really really intresting, but to bad I can do them, and I also searched the internet on how to perform something like that, but I think this is something you born with, and maybe there is a certain gene which controls whether or not you can do this.So can you fold your tongue into a U shape? Or do any toungue tricks ? Did you learned them or you just had them since you were born ? If you don't know that tongue tricks are, here are 3 pictures, and a beaufitul movie with a girl who just fascinated me with thouse tricks.I'm wondering how she make a french kiss.And there is something amazing named THE WAVE. Enjoy !

Mini Fast Food

Mini hamburger, fri and coke.A complete mini menu.This kind of food is just for amusament, because to be satiate you'll need 100 or more of this.I'm sure that this kind of mini fast food is very captivating for kids.

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