A Small Piece of Paradise

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are you ready to see a piece of Paradise ? The project is inspired by the artificial Palm Islands also being built in Dubai. The World will consist of 250 to 300 smaller private artificial islands divided into four categories — private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and community islands. The entire project is slated for completion in 2008. [ Via - Architecture Portal News ]

A Cat that Love Water

I'm sure that you don't see this kind of stuff every day.Let's me ask you a question ... "When you saw a cat that loves to make bath ?".For me this is the first time, and I can say that this cat is very cute.

Learn to Fly a Plane from Home

Maybe you saw in a movie that someone who is for the first time a plane pilot knows everything in that plane.Today you have the chance to learn a new skill ( how to fly a plane ).On this website you are able to see the flight deck, and with a mouse over you can find out what is the use of every button.Be prepared ... you never know when you need it .... :)

Fart, but don't get caught.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The addictive game for day is named : Fart Fart.In this game you are a man in a buss station, that needs to fart, but he don't want to be heard by the other man from the station.You goal is to fart as much as you can.When a car is passing by, the engine is making some noise so you can hide your fart, and make some points.You will figure out what is this game about once you play it.Have fun ... I made 12.000 points.Press on the image to play.

Interesting Stuff - 29.01.2007

In this post I want to share with you some interesting links that I've found on the internet today.I'm sure that some of them you'll like.So let's begin.

Worlds First Wheelchair Backflip
- Here you can see a boy that can't walk, but this thing don't stop him to follow his dream and make all kind of freestyle tricks.As I've said he can't walk but he can make some amazing tricks from his wheelchair, even a backflip.You watch the video.

Something really dangerous - When I watched this movie ... I've said WTF.Take a look.

One of the funniest compilations from the internet

Top 25 Web Celeb - A list of the most well known web celebrities.

How Brainwashing Works - For those who want to know more about brainwashing.

Enjoy !

Birthday Present for a Rich Spoiled Girl

Have you wondered how is a life of a spoiled rich child ? Maybe you already know, because you might have some friends that have lots of money.But for those ( majority ) who don't know ... I've prepared a short example of a rich spoiled girl.Just look at what she get's for her birthday and how she react.

Free Video Magic Tricks

If you want to learn some magic tricks, to impress your friends, or other people you can check this website that provides 10 free video tutorials with some interesting magic tricks.So 10 magic tricks are enough for a beginner.Have fun and keep the secrets !

The Paradise of a LAN Party Gamer

If you love to play games on LAN Parties I'm sure you want to see this one.Imagine 7752 gamers all connected to one network.Maybe when you try to imagine something like this is just amazing, but this event was real.Every year in Sweden in Jönköping gamers from around the world gather to play games.This year they made this new record that was mentioned in Guinness Book of Records.If you want to attend to this event in 2007 you can buy a ticked that is 75$ - more details here.And if you want to see some pictures from 2006 event check this gallery.

Some Design Changes

Friday, January 26, 2007

Today I've decided to make some changes to this blog, because I didn't like the old version.There are not to many changes here, but I'm sure you can spot some .The new look is not 100% ready, because I don't have enough time to finish it this weekend ( I have some exams ).

I also want to announce that I'll do my best to update this blog how often I can.This is not the only project that I'm involved in ... but I don't want to lose my readers.As you know this weeks I've posted rare, once at 2 or 3 days.I hope you understand me and I have strong reasons ( college, some problems in life like we all have from time to time, other projects, job, etc ).

For example this weekend I'm at some exams, and I don't have access to a computer, but I will come up with new fresh stuff as soon as possible.

P.S - If you have suggestions about the new design please leave a comment.

Smart & Fun Durex Ad

Life of Celebrities Before they were Famous

Hardly Famous is a website that gather informations about the life of celebrities but before they were famous.You can find out what they where doing before becoming famous.This website can inspire you because you will see that even celebrities were simple people.Let me give you some examples ...

Marilyn Monroe was discovered while she was working on an assembly line at the Radio Plane Munitions factory in Burbank, California. A photographer was there doing an article on women's contributions to the war.

Before Chuck Norris became a famous martial artist and actor, he worked as an Air Policeman in the US Air Force.

Brad Pitt supported his early acting career by driving limos, moving refrigerators and "dressing as a giant chicken while working for el Pollo Loco"

After graduating from high school, Elvis became a truck driver.

You can find more on HardlyFamous.

Learn the Secrets of Human Body Language

Body language is a language like all other languages, but the problem is the we all know her but not consciously.This is rather a subconscious process.This language can be learned by observation, and in this movie you have some example that will open your eyes, and will make you more conscious about what others say behind the words.I've studied this domain for a very long time, and if you want to know more about this you can search the internet because there is plenty of information on this topic.

Now let's see some body language reading examples ...

Ping Pong Pipe

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In this pictures you are about to see one innovative way to play Ping Pong.Some guys decides that Ping Pong would be more interactive if they would play this game in a Pipe.For a minute I've stopped and thought about this way to play ping pong because I like this game, and I think that this would be really fun, and you can all kind of tricks.What do you think ?

Create Original Clothing

Today I've discovered a nice technique to make yourself a little bit more original.As you can see in these pictures, there is nothing hard.You just have to get withe clothes and print some messages on them.You can combine all kind of messages, and obtain all kind of different effects.I've found this technique on Evil Mad Scientist.You can visit them if you really want to make a piece of clothing like this because they have some good advices for you.


When I look at this pictures the first word that comes to my mind is ATV.I don't know for sure if this is really an ATV, but is a cool piece of technology, and it looks that is pretty fast.Can someone tell me more exactly what is this ? Thanks.

Amazing Hotel Project

So ... you want to see the amazing power of architecture ? Until now this is just a project, but if this project will be finished this hotel will be a very good, and reservations will be made with months or maybe years earlier.Find out more about this project here.

The Deepest Pool in the World

Nemo 33 is a recreational diving center in Brussels, Belgium that is home to the world's deepest swimming pool. The pool itself consists of a submerged structure with flat platforms at various depth levels. The pool has two large
flat-bottomed areas at depth levels of 5m (16 ft) and 10m (32 ft), and a large circular pit descending to a depth of 33m (108 ft). It is filled with 2,500,000 litres of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water maintained at 30°C (86°F) and contains several simulated underwater caves at the 10m depth level.

There are numerous underwater windows that allow outside visitors to look into the pools at various depths. The complex was designed by Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts as a multi-purpose diving instruction, recreational, and film production facility, and opened in 2004. [ via ]

Cool Matches Trick

This trick I've discovered a few days ago, but then I didn't found the video to show to my readers.This morning I've found the videos, and I can show it to you.With this nice trick you can also make some money from bets.I've tricked all the people I've meet with this simple cool trick.

Cool Fake Bags

These days a lot of fake products are on the market, and on some products is very hard to make a difference.For example .. the Louis Vuitton brand is one of them.You can see all over the place a lot of people have Louis Vuitton products.

Now Mind What You Wear created a line of fakes which are cheeky, comical and surprisingly covetable. The word 'FAKE' is sardonically silk-screened on top of knock-off Louis Vuitton bags.I think that a bag like this would be very cool.Just look at the pictures ...

Jeep Waterfall

Friday, January 19, 2007

You will be amazed of what technology can do in these days after you will see this movie.Some engineers designer a waterfall that can be manipulated and you can create amazing effects using this waterfall.For example you can write your name on the waterfall.You must see it to believe it ... check out this video.

Dummies Book Cover Generator

I'm sure that you've saw this kind of books just one time.Now if you want to make your own version, there is a website that allow you to begin with the cover, and after that you can continue to add content for your new book.I've made a simple example of what this website can do for you, check out the image below, and if you want a book cover with your name on it, and your own title to show your friends go here and make it right away.You just have to complete some blank spaces.

Animals Fighting for Food

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Best Prank Ever - Ernie

Today I've found an interesting website about some college students, and their pranks.So what is this website about.The main actor of this website is named Ernie, and he is the subject of all the pranks.Every week the owners of this website search for ideas to prank their roommate, and put them online.Surfing their website I've found this prank that made me laugh like crazy.Check out this prank by pressing play.

He's Gay

Girls Having Fun

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look at the bottom of this image.A guy is surprised without he even know ...

Eathing a Giraffe

One Hand Card Shuffle

For all those of you who love to play cards, here is one trick that can impress your opponents.I've also like to play cards, but I don't master this trick yet.Here you can learn how to make a one hand card shuffle.

Having Fun with Statues

I've gathered this pictures from a famous website named Worth1000.On this website you can find all kind of modified pictures, like this ones.The owner of this website named it after the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".Here I've gathered some modified pictures with statues that I liked the most.Have fun watching them.

The only man to have his heart in the abdomen

Monday, January 15, 2007

[ Via ]

A great example of Procrastination

Robbing a "special" Bank

This is one of the best short videos I've seen in the last time.It is about some Indonesian guys who want to robb a bank, but they don't know what kind of bank, ... I don't want to tell you more because I want you to taste the joke.

Another Face of P0rn

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This pictures for someone people might inspire p0rn, but there is not p0rn involved.Is just art, but something a little bit different that you where used to see.Take a look and enlarge your experience ... --> More here

I don't want to offend anyone.I just present you something that I think is quite original and interesting.

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